Social Service Center

Brief Historical Background 

The Society of St Vincent de Paul is an international Catholic organization  was founded in 1833 to help  impoverished people living in Paris-France.  The Daughters of Charity  reached Palestine in 1884 to serve the neediest people in the area.

In 1885 they inaugurated the Hospital Of the Saint Family and opened. the Crèche in order to Look after the Abandoned Babies


Social Service Sector 

  • Social Service Sector is a Not For Profit; Non-Governmental Sector provides Psycho-Social-Economic support for the Palestinian Society at Bethlehem District and near east-west villages.
  • The project started in the 1999 after the continuous deteriorating political situation which affects the Palestinian society on all life aspects. The mostly affected were the middle class as well as poor families, laborers, elderly and dependent children and youth population. 



  • We Honor all human being  dignity .
  • We Believe in the worth of all Human.
  • We are committed to provide Psycho-social-Financial support to poor, challenged Palestinians, regardless of gender, religious, or political background. 
Social Department Orientations
The department functions on three main orientations:
  • A- Relief
  • B- Counseling
  • C- Development


Projects in Progress

  • Relief Aid Programs:
  • Relief aspect includes financial aid as well as in-kind support such as bread cards, Monthly food Coupon and milk supplies.
  • Allowances “House Rent, Electricity /Water Bills” .
  • Medical Support includes monthly medication,   prosthesis and operations.


How to Contact Us!

Hôpital Français, 318 Paul VI Road, Bethlehem

by Phone: 00972-2-2744142/3

by Fax: 00972-2-2745277

by e-mail:

or fill in the form on our contact page

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