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  • Betania 2018

    Dear Friends,

    You love and you care about us. As every year, exactly from 2015, we repeat the unusual trip to the summer camp. This is the occasion for many of us to leave for the first time the Crèche and for some others it is the last one (we say this with a little bit of sadness). As we know at six years old, we have to leave the Crèche to go to others unknown institutions in order to get prepared for our future and for tomorrow’s society.


    The important date of our departure has arrived! How excited and happy we were!! For the older has been an experience repeated for the second/third/four time but for us, the newbies, has been a wonderful big news, it has revolutionized our mind, everything made us curios. We were a bit perplex and worried to the idea to leave our house, our litter friends and all the things and situation we were linked and affectional to. However, it was a great experiencen.


    At the arrival, we started a loud laughter, as we have realized we were all together. The place we went is a wonderful location placed at the base of Olive Mountain. The name is Betania, and it is a place dear to Jesus. We adapted quite easily, we immediately felt comfortable, past memories disappeared to leave place to new emotions!

    A new world was attending us and because of this, all our habits concerning schedule time, games and so on have changed for 15 days. In our holiday house, every furniture was perfect; everything had been prepared in minimal details to make our stay more welcoming and enjoyable. Our small bad had been prepared as in the fairy tales; the small tables and the small chairs were there to let us to eat and to draw. The days started to seem everyday shorter; time was never enough, because we wanted always discover new things. Bella, the little dog, was always with us, she came with us in the swimming pool, and she loves to stay in the water like all of us. In the evening we preferred to stay outdoor than to go to bed early. Such a wonderful spectacle the sunrise isIn the morning was difficult to wake up, but even if we were late, we were easily forgiven. Sister Denise and Sister Amani, our new chefs have tried to be for us like mama, preparing for us delicious meals. We ate up happily because we enjoyed feeling loved and cared.


    We played so much, everyone was caring about us, and our educators have prepared for us many activities.Playing with board games, drawing, painting, shaping with salt dough, singing songs, dancing… all those activities have coloured with vivacity and happiness our mornings, instead the swimming pool have refreshed our afternoons after the daily afternoon rest. Moreover, we never missed to eat a big ice cream!


    After dinner, we could have a nice walk and during this we could collect figs and grape and watch small fireflies shining around; it was a nice way to get prepared to our night that we were going to spend in the nice small bed prepared for us.


    Definitely, we can say that we enjoyed really much.


    Dance and songs have rhythmically enjoyed us, even if the idea of leaving was making us a little bit sad.


    A big outing has closed this wonderful holiday!


    The return to everyday life has been difficult but the love that has been given to us in this wonderful experience have made this holiday one of the most beautiful moment of our life, that we will never forget.


    We thanks you so much for this wonderful experience, incredible and unforgettable

    Yours little children of la Creche


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