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In 1884, following a call of the Bishop of Bethlehem, the first Daughters of Charity of Saint-Vincent de Paul arrived here, to serve the neediest people in the area. They started providing medical care at their homes, under tents, and at dispensaries. In 1895, they inaugurated the Hospital of the Saint Family and little later opened the Creche, in order to accommodate children who were abandoned or deposited on their doorsteps. 

Holy Family Children’s home / Crèche of Bethlehem are a solely transition home for abandoned and illegitimate babies in the Palestinian territories. We provide a safe and loving environment for the babies and toddlers whilst they await adoption, placement with a foster family or reunification with their biological families. We have up to 40 babies and toddlers at any time, and have dedicated round the clock staff to help us meet each and every baby’s specific needs.

Daughters of Charity-Saint Vincent de Paul, Social Service department is a Humanitarian, Not for Profit subdivision initiated in the 1999, as a response to the deteriorating political, economic and social conditions in the area. We developed our project to be able to support poor families in coping with the continuous deteriorating situation in the area and its devastating outcomes on then. The rationale behind the project goes along with our mission aiming to reach out and support the vulnerable and the most affected groups in sustaining their wellbeing and moving beyond their fear, helplessness as well as restoring their sense of dignity and self-respect.

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