Social Service Values & Principals

How we accomplish our Mission is as important as the mission itself. Every action we take will be guided by our deep believe of; Human rights, Social Justice and Professional integrity


Towards beneficiaries:

  1. Best Interest: We should work towards promoting the best interests of our beneficiaries “Children” through upholding and promoting human dignity and well-being. We should respect, uphold and defend each child’s physical, psychological, emotional and educational integrity and well-being.
  2. Individualism & Maintaining confidentiality – We believe that each child is a unique person and he / she should be treated as a whole in the environment in an adequate confidential manner.
  3. Caring – We believe that a child can grow up only when he / she feel safe, accepted and loved.
  4. Respect – We believe that children and other beneficiaries should be respected for who they are.


Towards Institution & colleagues:

  1. Working in harmony, team spirit and developing professional relationships.
  2. Being trustworthy and making professional judgments.
  3. Maintaining professional boundaries as we should establish appropriate boundaries in our relationships with beneficiaries and colleagues, and not abuse our position for personal benefit what so ever.
  4. Maintaining clear and accurate records for every and each child and case.
  5. Contributing to the continuous improvement of professional practice within all sectors.

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