Our objectives aim to maintain the families wellbeing throughout providing subsidized and urgent relief services for poor, Elderly and jobless families alongside with offering a safe environment for learning problem solving skills, functional communication skills for challenged individuals’ whether on a personal or societal level, as well as empowering youth population through education. We also support women efficiency and productivity through the embroidery project. 

  • Provide a safe and loving temporary home for abandoned, abused, and orphaned.
  • Meet the needs of these babies: medically, psycho - socially, legally, and educationally.
  • Participate in and contribute to the education, nurturing and raising of abandoned and orphaned babies into valuable, confident, and productive members of society.
  • Pro-actively participate in placing abandoned and illegitimate babies with forever families.
  • Provide support to foster/adoptive parents in the community as a major partner to the Ministry of social affairs.
  • Encourage and provide an opportunity for the community to participate in the nurturing of our beneficiaries.

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Hôpital Français, 318 Paul VI Road, Bethlehem

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